Departing the Adobe Stack to see what is out there

For some time now I have looked with some envy to the Apple-world for having a tool like Sketch with is very popular over there for designing user interfaces. While I try to work in the browser as much as possible, this simply isn't always an option: for example when a client wants to see a design beforehand or when the implementation of something would be so much more work then a making a design first that it would be simply out of proportion. Normally I, as do a lot of people, use the Adobe stack of applications for that. Though I have to say there are some things that don't quite sit right with me (I had been a fan of Macromedia Fireworks long ago and switched to Photoshop for designs rather reluctantly) it generally does a great job. However lately I became aware of a product called Affinity Designer that has really cought my eye and I will want to give it a test run. Before I really dive into it however I have some initial thoughts:

Getting the software

First thing you notice when buying new software might be the price, this is something where Affinity Designer (and Photo I guess as well) depart from what a lot of apps do these days in that you buy your version for a flat price instead of renting it. Also it's a lot more affordable then the products from Adobe where back when you bought them this way, so that's nice as well.

Cross-Plattform Software

Another nice thing for me as a Windows user and former Mac user is that it's cross-plattform between those to systems. So no more "of I wish I'd be on that other OS right no" at least for this software.

What's next?

Well, with the initial impression being really positive we will have to see how the software holds up in regular use. But it looks to be really nice. I'll keep you all posted.