Hosting Wikis for Games and their Mods

I have always liked somewhat more complex videogames, like simulations, grand strategy-games etc. Many of those also have a wiki associated to them, after all with a lot of complexity there comes quite some demand for documentation. Sometimes those are really nice: i.e. they are running really smooth, are not full of ads etc. Of course a log of times the people creating mods etc. just need to get something started and don't have the time to install a wiki-software themselves. If your project is hosted on github and you are using their wikis, I'd say you are fine. However: I have grown quite annoyed with wikis hosted on certain plattforms that are full of ads, and at least for me with my rather slow internet access are also painfully slow.

An offer to answer that annoyance of mine

Since I don't want to just complain and never do something about it, here is my offer to you: If you want to get a wiki started for your project drop me a line to and I will set you up with an install of DokuWiki (most likely). It will not have Ads and it will be quite fast to load.
Will I be able to do this for everyone? Sadly, it's quite likely I won't be able to do that - after all I want the wikis to room smoothely and not have any Ads. But the offer stands nevertheless for everyone looking to get something like this hosted in a nice way.

So yeah: That's it. I guess ...