Toolbelt Part 1: Collecting Logs and Errors

These posts are just as much for me as they are of course open to everybody else. Basically I'm starting a series of posts listing a bunch of devtools I either am using or considering. Thus, unlike normal blogposts, these will get updated. And I'm may eventually add some sort of table of contents. Anyways, first one is about logging.

System Logs

These are a number of quite nice tools to collect logs. The first two are hosted services, thomething that makes them very simple to use. The latter are tools you can deploy to your own server with an option to get a hosted version from various places.

Application Logs

While the tools above can also recieve custom logs which we may use to have our application log events into, there is value in specialised services. These help us to track errors that users of our applications experience and to find out what caused those.

So as I have said, the lists will grow. And more lists will be a thing.