Toolbelt Part 3: Hosting your application

When it comes to hosting your app once you are ready to put it out there, there is an almost endless array of ooptions, big and small, cloud an - well, whatever the opposite is ...

Cloud Hosting (VPS)

So called cloud hosting in the end often is nothing else then an a very flexible VPS. Of course flexibility and reliablity come at a price, so these will propably not be your first choice for shared-hosting systems and the like. However they are great if you need small instances that you can spin up or throw away at will.

  • Digital Ocean was the first one I have ever used. Great product, powerful API. Nothing to complain really.
  • Amazon Web Services is what a lot (and I man a lot ...) of people out there are using. They have a really wide spread of services and while I have not used ther servers (EC2) yet, we will surely get to some of their other services later.
  • Scaleway is associated with, really nice product that I quite enjoy using so far.

"Normal" VPS Hosting

These are more in line with what you would look for when spinning up a clasic server for shared hosting or something else that needs a lot of ram and many CPU cores.

  • Contabo is a company I really enjoy working with. Their product is really affordable, quite powerful and has turned out to be among the really stable and unproblematic ones out there. So yeah, this one is actually recommended.
  • Netcup

Cloud Hosting (Plattform)

This right now is more a simple list of providers, I just don't have a great amount of experience with any of them.

Sort of a conclusion

What it comes down to - as so often - is to chose what's right four your use case. Also it may be a good idea to spread out over different providers. Just so you have some security against any one provider going down.

Well, as always: This will be updated. I should propably set myself up with a bi-weekly reminder to look over those posts and to see what needs to be added. Also, I have set myself up for an account over at Heroku. So I will let you know how this works out for me and how it plays with Laravel.