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[link] Awesome PHP

Ok, I'll admit it: I am oushing a series of posts of github-repos that just collect useful stuff. But of course having things on your own blog is also just a hany way of finding them again later.

This one contains a lot of php-related stuff, from fully featured frameworks like laravel or phalcon to smaller but nevertheless really useful things.

Providing easy access to EVE Online data dumps

Last year I had started to build a market-analytics tool for Eve Online and one thing I found somewhat complicated was getting the correct names for items in the game. There is of course a whole number of apis that allow you access to datasets that - among other things - match typeIds to typeNames, however I was looking for something that just did this and nothing more. This of course is mainly for performance reasons, after all I want to a) have as good a performance of my app as possible and b) not stress any axternal api-provider more then neccessary. So after a lot of toying around with things I just went a head and built my own little api for this - and I have had it sit on my harddrive ever since.

In order to make it a little more useful to the world then it was sitting on my computer I've started rebuilding it, writing a rather small app in the hopes of keeping it really fast and robust, and putting it on a server for people to access.

API Endpoints

This post will be updated with the endpoints as I go along with adding them to the new version of this app. For starters there is one:{typeid}

This will return either a string with the typeName belonging to the given id or "false" if it was not found.{typeid}

The result of this query:

  "typeID": "23",
  "groupID": "12",
  "typeName": "Cargo Container",
  "description": "This cargo container is flimsily constructed and may not survive the rigors of space for more than an hour or so.",
  "mass": "10000",
  "volume": "27500",
  "capacity": "27500",
  "portionSize": "1",
  "raceID": null,
  "basePrice": null,
  "published": "0",
  "marketGroupID": null,
  "iconID": "16",
  "soundID": null,
  "graphicID": "1176"

This will return either a json with all the data for the given typeid or "false" if it was not found.

So feel free to use this and let me know if it works for you. Eventually I will add endpoints for the complete content of the invTable from the official db dump.

[link] A kraken for git

There are actually quite a lot of git-clients around, most of them seem to me to be more complicated then just using the command line. Moreover often they use a somewhat confusing terminology instead of calling things the same as git and its documentation do, thus making things complicated for beginners. This one does however look very promising and I'll be sure to have a look.

A webdevelopers toolkit

Everyone of us has it, and I guess most of us like to talk about it. More and more I get the feeling that mine is a little unusual for it I do my development on a windows-mashine, but that's propably just a false impression I get. Still, there are some things you have to think about in order to bridge the gap between a windows based development envirenonment and a production system that is based around unix.

Extending the OS, some nice tools to have

The thing I miss most in windows - having used OS X in the past and using Linux on servers - a "real" terminal with all the tools you get used to in the unix world. But there are ways to get around this limitation, I use Babun: a bundle of cygwin with zsh, oh-my-zsh, a package manager and some other goodies. Also Listary gives me fuzzysearch in the explorer at blazing fast speed.

Whenever I am just using the Windows GUI I have also replaced the default Notepad app with Notepad2, an app I found in Scott Hanselmanns excellent list of tools.

Tools of the trade: IDE and Text Editor

Most of my work consists of writing php, JavaScript, html or css/scss, for those tasks I have opted to work in PhpStorm. I had been sceptical about using an IDE over a Text Editor for a long time because all I knew was Eclipse and that had always felt rather slow and bulky to me.

Whenever I want something more lightweight I work in a simple texteditor, I somewhat regularly switch around between vim, SublimeText and Atom. Though the Developer of SublimeText appearing to be MIA makes me weary of relying to heavy on that editor at least. Of course vim has the great upside of being a software that had decades to get all its small issues fixed.

So the next time I guess I will get a little more into what is working in the background for me.

Books and stuff: Tolkien

I thought I'd give a short status-update on something I'm doing right now: I've started - once more - to read Tolkiens Lord of the Rings. This is a bit of a curious thing for me since I have read a few times but still - unlike most peope - find it more difficult to stick with the Lord of the Rings then with the Silmarilion. All this goes to say that I want to widen the scope of this blog a little and include things that are not programming-related. Maybe I'll add some sort of category feature in order to enable you to filter out what you do not like, may I won't. We'll see.

I moved, the grass is greener here

Ok, not really sure about the grass but the server is really pleasant. I had this site on fortrabbit and there is literally not a single complaint I have about them - other then that their service doesn't fit my working style for a site like this. I really do like to be able to connect via ftp - though I have Git deploys set up here as well - when I want to. Also I've always felt that setting up things like an SSH tunnel for interacting with my database is a little too tricky when working on windows. At least the last part may change with this summers windows update, I do remain hopefull.

You've got mail: Let's talk about email hosting

For the most part I have always just used the email system provided to me by my webhosting company of choice: back in the day that was 1und1, later the - absolutely great - uberspace. In recent years I shifted towards having my domains managed by a separate company from all the webhosting things I do: uberspace stopped registering domains - and it was always just a thing they did kind of on the side I think - and fortrabbit/Digital Ocean don't offer domains in the first place. Also I think it's always a good idea not to totally depend on a single complany. Even if you like them and trust them. However: this whole thing as left me in a bit of a problem with hosting email accounts. Right now I am operating uberspace accounts for the sole purpose of keeping the email addresses there alive while all the webhosting itself may have moved to other placed or lies mostly dormant. So I had a look at some providers:


A lot of people use them. A lot of people like them. Shomehow the idea of handing my emails to the biggest search provider out there scares me a little. Though I have to say: as far as web interfaces go theres is great, so I get why people use them. It just isn't for me.


I've heared good things about them. There is a whole epsiode on them on the Technical Difficulties Podcast, so give that a listen if you want to learn more.


A small company here in germany that really seems to really care about privacy and encryption, almost like uberspace for email if the companies involved don't object to the comperison. Sadly they don't support custom domains. Still I think for everyone who doesn't have one or doesn't want to use one for their private emails this might be the goto alternative to google.


This is the one I am currently test-driving and it seems like this might be it. They support custom domains, have reasonable prices and are hosted in europe. Currently the don't allow you to use external email clients, however their documentation states that they are looking into ways of making this happen without sacrificing on security.

What to do?

I guess there is no general answer that applies to everyone. For me, as I said, I will test ProtonMail in the hope of supporting them towards going more in the direction of allowing the use with Outlook or other email clients. But we'll se where all this leeds.

Trying something new: Omnifocus ion the iPad

Ok, I'll admit it: I am kind of a wannabe productivity-nerd. "Wannabe" because as of yet I've never really stuck with anything for a long time. However over the last two years or so I have more and more felt the need to actually do just that. So, after having read Sven Fechners Blog for quite some years I'll now try Omnifocus. Starting on the iPad and iPhone and over time I'll see what becomes of it. I will try and keep everyone updated on how it goes, especially from someone who normally is working in the windows world.

Omnifocus, nothing to see

[link] Jeff Atwood: The Infinite Space Between Words

I often like to read was Jeff has to say, and this post is no exception. It combines an interesting topcis (How might we imagine the perception of time for a computer, given that it were scentient?) with some great ways of thinking about it.